Take the Investment Questionnaire

What is your planned amount of investment?

A 250.000 - 350.000€
B 350.000 - 500.000€
C 500.000€ +

What is the structure of your household?

A A family with one child
B A family with two or more children
C A couple without children
D Single
E Single parent

For your investment you will be provided with

Accommodation unit of 65m2
All the benefits of life at Liko Soho Hotel and 3% ROI
Citizenship of Montenegro and passports for you and your family
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Why is an apartment in Liko Soho Hotel much more than a property?

Liko Soho Hotel – first elite 5* hotel in Bar and in the top five of that capacity in Montenegro coastal area, with unique apartments located near the seaside. Liko Soho Hotel offers you a limited-time opportunity to just invest in residential real estate or apply for Montenegrin citizenship through investment in one or more property units with a minimum amount of 450.000 euro. This business model does not require your relocation but allows you to be an owner of residential units in a hotel complex and stay under the watchful eye of polite staff 24/7, with accompanying facilities that will fill your days in one of the sunniest places in Europe.